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SocialContraptions is a digital media outsourcing company that makes it very easy for you to embrace social media and have a strong voice on all your digital channels.

We are focusing on companies who see the value of the social connection, but are unable to dedicate employees to it on a full-time basis.

We take care of all the work, we optimize your messages, we monitor the reactions, and we reach out and respond directly with your customers on your behalf.

It is as simple as sending us an email. We will then share your message on all your channels.

  • We take care of all the work. Sharing is as simple as sending us an email.
  • We make sure every message is optimized for each channel.
  • We organize your campaign for optimal effect.
  • We manage all your digital channels, no matter what they might be.
  • We monitor the conversation on all channels, including 3rd party blogs etc.
  • We connect with your customers on your behalf.
  • We answer frequently asked questions.
  • We provide you with relevant feedback on what you need to pay attention to, customer complaints, trends etc.
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Can you really outsource Social Media?

Outsourcing social media is a much debated topic. Can you really do it, or are you missing the point completely?

Companies who tries to outsource the whole social connection makes a catastrophic mistake. And, there are countless examples of failed businesses because of it. Being connected to your customers is vital to your success.

Think of it like this. You cannot outsource going on vacation, because you are the one who needs to go. Sending someone else is just a way to waste money.

But, you do outsource the flight to an airliner, and your outsource your stay to a hotel.

It is the same with social media.

It is a mistake to hire a company to be the social connection between your brand and your customers. But you can outsource most of the actual work - leaving you free to focus on the real value.

You can also outsource the daily monitoring, and answering the frequently asked questions. It is not cost-efficient to have an employee monitor social channels all day.

You need to be free to create value for your customers, and have someone else to take care of the work in between.

We help you get more out of social media. We take care of the work and optimize your connection.

Think of us like the FedEx of social communication. We deliver the goods and create the connection, but you still have to create the product.

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Social Contraptions is owned by Baekdal, who is also publishing the highly popular magazine about new media. Baekdal.com is read by more than 700,000 unique readers per month. We know what social media is all about, and we keep up with the latest trends. Just take a look at these articles (frequently updated).

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Baekdal Media is laser-focused on new media. We help you better understand why it happens, how it works, and where it is heading,

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Baekdal Media is a digital native company. We are not bound by physical limitations. We have no offices, no meeting rooms, and we do not spend 80% of your budget on management.

Our entire infrastructure is in the cloud, and as such we are not limited by country borders, or having to only work with people close by.

We communicate virtually, using whatever communication channels that is the most efficient one for the task at hand. We have the flexibility to change and adapt.

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